Hi, Reddit!

UPDATE: I've been toying with updating this to make this script configurable! It's very "alpha" right now, and kind of hackish, but I'll update it over time. I'm currently struggling with a problem where GreaseMonkey doesn't want to play nice with jQuery SimpleModal, and I can't figure out a way around that, but when I do, I'll post an update here.

WTF does this do? See the top post on Reddit? The user didn't type [pic] in there. screenshot 1 / screenshot 2. Click here to install the alpha version and check it out. Click the [tag] element by your preferences to open the console.

Somebody complained that people weren't tagging subreddit-related posts, and they looked funny all mixed in with regular posts, so I whipped up a quick Greasemonkey script to solve that problem. Specifically, it checks for the following subreddits right now: I'd be more than happy to update this with other subreddits / logic if people request it. Just post your requests back at my somethingimade thread!

If you have Firefox + Greasemonkey, click here to install the OLD version. It looks like you might also be able to use GreaseMonkey scripts in other browsers, too, but I haven't tested any of those.

A quick note: The reason this greasemonkey script uses an outdated version of jQuery is due to a bug that doesn't let jQuery 1.4+/Greasemonkey play nicely at the moment. That was a big waste of about 1-2 hours before I figured that out. The script itself only took 15-20 minutes to bang out and test.
Another script by request: Reddit Username Hider - this replaces all instances of your username with '~anonymous~'. Note that there's no way around the one limitation: Your username will show up briefly before "flipping" to ~anonymous~... this is because jQuery has to wait until the full page is loaded to run, so there's nothing much I can do about this.