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Media Created @ honest.bleeps

Soon I will add other media (Print, Music, etc) I've developed but for now, please have a look at my web portfolio.

Sites I've Developed:

OpeningBands.com OpeningBands is a database driven website - dynamically generated each time you load a page. Every bit of it, from the shows listing database application to the discussion forums, was developed from scratch. OpeningBands now serves as a local and regional music hub based on Champaign-Urbana, with over 1,000 unique visitors a day [as of May, 2005] and nearly 4500 registered users.
The Conference For Women At my previous employer, Riverwatcher, Inc., I developed an online registration and ticket sales system for the Biennial Conference For Women - held every other year at the University of Illinois. This fully featured system provided real time ticket purchase transactions for end usres, and a full customer service management system for the site owners. The icing on the cake was providing printable event badges that could be exported directly from the site's database.
US Grand Prix Also at Riverwatcher, Inc., I developed a real time volunteer registration system for the US Grand Prix - the 3rd largest international event in the world, behind the Olympics, and FIFA Soccer. Race enthusiasts from all over the world can register as volunteers for a variety of jobs, complete with real-time availability on preferred time slots, and the ability to print a nicely formatted schedule of their volunteer times and locations during the US Grand Prix events. The back end provided the site owners with the ability to manage schedules, assign team leaders and handle waitlist requests.
QuadDay.com Another Database applicaiton, QuadDay.com provides University of Illinois student organizations with their own calendar, email list and other tools.
AllERC.com Developed on the OSCommerce platform and primarily worked on by my client - I've been able to accomodate this company's growing needs by installing and modifying numerous pieces of back end software that assist in order processing and management, while providing rock solid web hosting for a business that quickly grew from a few hundred visitors a month to several thousand - pushing the client's home business into needing both an office and warehouse.
EasyPin.net EasyPin.net is a database driven e-commerce site for an innovative product created by an entrepeneur in Champaign, Illinois. The database driven site manager allows her to track and modify orders, print invoices and mailing labels, and modify her product selection in real time - all without the need for any technical knowledge.
MichaelMoushon.com MichaelMoushon.com was done on an extremely low budget, yet it still provides the client with a database driven tool to add news, concert dates and other content by himself without the need to understand HTML or anything about web design.
WinePronounce.com Another simple, low budget site WinePronounce.com was developed and tweaked to the customer's liking in 2 short days.
CorporateRockStars.com Given a timeframe of literally just a few days, I was tasked with hoisting up a visually pleasing site that would provide an events calendar and a discussion forum for a Junior Achievement fundraising team at my office. This is the result.